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Smart Village SUN

Estimated cost: 3,350,000 EUR

Smart Village SUN

»Smart Village« ecosystem of smart sustainability and circular economy in rural areas.

A »smart« rural settlement for 100 inhabitants is being built in the midst of the pristine Koroška region. It is being built with sustainable materials without waste and it will be upgraded with state-of-the-art digital technology. In a hybrid environment, we will physically and virtually connect global stakeholders who want to participate in the innovative development of the necessary system changes for the green transition.

The »Unique selling proposition« (USP) of the Smart Village Sun project introduces the “Space as a Service” model, which is a combination of an exceptional living experience, work and research in the natural environment of Smart Village Sun and its surroundings. The project connects the physical environment with virtual, communicational, collaborative, project, research, consulting and educational environments. This enables global inclusiveness and the opportunity for the cooperation of numerous stakeholders from all over the world in real-time (virtual world).

Smart Village SUN will serve as a representative model village and a development and demonstration playground for the development of mobile factories, which will specialize in the construction of a large number of similar settlements situated in the vicinity of sustainable building materials (wood and other bio-based materials) and near smart villages.

  • Estimated cost: 3,350,000 EUR
  • Date added: 29.09.2022
  • Start date: 29.09.2022
  • Promoter: RRA KOROSKA d.o.o.
  • Main country: Slovenia
  • Main region: Carinthia region
  • Location: Legen 178, 2383 Šmartno pri Slovenj Gradcu
  • Type of investment: New real estate
  • Project status: Other
  • Asset ownership: Mixed
  • Advantages:

    - The detailed municipal spatial plan has already been published in the Official Gazette,

    - The settlement is partially built and the building permit for part of Phase 1 will be issued shortly,

    - partnership of leading Slovenian and Dutch companies has already been established,

    - climate, energy and food crisis,

    - New European Bauhaus and other EU strategies and action plans for financing the green transition,

    - the project will be completed by June 2025.

  • Plot size: 31301 m²
  • Building floor area: 2778 m²
  • Total building area: 5137 m²
  • Utilities:

    electric current - connection power: 100
    pipeline - connection capacity: interni plinovod iz cisterne
    water supply - connection: lastno zajetje
    hot water - connection powerpipeline - connection capacity: 120 kw
    telephone network - network provider: Telekom

  • Utilities + Distance:

    sewage - 0.10 km

  • Building permit:

    It is in the process of being acquired

  • Estimated completion time:

    June 2025

  • Desired source of investment:

    Private and public

  • What is expected of the investor?:

    Investment expectations:

    - complementarity with the content of the project,

    - the vision of financing the green transition while considering the environmental, social and economic effects,

    - and long-term cooperation.

  • Tourism

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