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Distributed Bogensperk Hotel

Estimated cost: 2,000,000 EUR

Distributed Bogensperk Hotel

The municipality of Smartno pri Litiji started a project in 2010 of complete content and programme renovation of the Bogensperk Castle. The project also includes the revitalisation and reconstruction of the castle farm in the scope of a thorough construction and static rehabilitation of the so-called Polland’s House and the adjacent outbuilding, prepared following the already arranged project documentation under conservation guidelines and cultural conditions.

By establishing a public-private partnership, the public partner wishes to acquire dedicated premises for:
- A restaurant with seating capacity for up to 120 guests;
- The premises of the summer garden within the restaurant;
- The premises for the promotion and sale of local food and handicraft products;
- Accommodation of up to 6 apartments;
- Residential studios (crafts and graphics);
- The premises of the tourist information centre;
- Multipurpose rooms with a capacity of 70 to 100 visitors;
- Exhibition space (approx. 80–100 m2);
- Administrative centres;
And their use for tourism, cultural, research and hospitality purposes.

The public partner expects that the private partner will receive a return on the investment through the possibility of marketing individual dedicated premises intended for the implementation of tourism and catering activities.

  • Estimated cost: 2,000,000 EUR
  • Date added: 20.02.2020
  • Start date: 01.01.2021
  • Promoter: Občina Šmartno pri Litiji
  • Main country: Slovenia
  • Main region: Central Slovenia region
  • Location: Bogensperk 3, 1275 Smartno pri Litiji
  • Type of investment: Building
  • Project status: Planning
  • Asset ownership: Public
  • Web link: Public call to promoters
  • Plot size: 161+1419 m²
  • Building floor area: 160+315 m²
  • Total building area: 572+817 m²
  • Intended use of the facility:

    Cultural monuments

  • The actual use of the facility:

    Cultural monuments

  • Tenants:


  • The building is:

    intended for joint investment in a joint project (as investment contribution -% of total investment)

  • Utilities:

    electric current
    water supply

  • Owner information:

    The municipality of Smartno pri Litiji is one of the youngest municipalities in Slovenia. Today, just over 5.500 people live on 95 km2. The municipality is located in the western part of the Posavje Hills, at an elevation of 252 m.

    Obcina Smartno pri Litiji

    Tomazinova ulica 2

    1275 Smartno pri Litiji

  • Ident. no. of the buildings and parcels no. of belonging land plots:

    k.o. Liberga 1846

    parc. št.: 1963 - (161m2), 1964 - (1419m2)

  • Tourism

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