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Expo Vipava valley

Estimated cost: 18,000,000 EUR

Expo Vipava valley

The municipality of Ajdovščina has a strategic plan to build the »Vipava Valley EXPO« fair in this area. – EXPO Vipava Valley is designed as an intersection and a meeting point of providers of local harvest and products (not only agricultural but also other products of the Vipava Valley and the region as a whole) as well as visitors and consumers. EXPO Vipava Valley will be formed as a tourist destination, stopping the transit passenger from heading towards other Slovene destinations.

The complex of EXPO Vipava Valley anticipates construction of multiple facilities which would function simultaneously as a demonstration and promotional place of critical economic operators of the Vipava Valley, construction of common meat and dairy learning processing establishments, a cold store, storage rooms and rooms for product completion, a smaller conference centre, a catering establishment, reception of a displaced hotel featuring a tourist information centre of the Vipava Valley destination, a showroom of the local economy, a centre for promoting craft and economy as a whole, a showroom of industrial heritage featuring a centre for passing traditional skills of ancient crafts and skills that are in the process of being forgotten as well as the land of water wheels on which the entire industrial development of Ajdovščina and the Vipava Valley was based.

In the long run, EXPO Vipava Valley is expected to become an independent tourist destination.

  • Estimated cost: 18,000,000 EUR
  • Date added: 28.06.2021
  • Start date: 01.01.2022
  • Promoter: Občina Ajdovščina
  • Main country: Slovenia
  • Main region: Gorizia region
  • Location: The complex is located 400 m from the exit from the AC Ljubljana - Gorizia (IT), lies on the edge of the town of Ajdovščina near the river Hubelj.
  • Type of investment: New product
  • Project status: Planning
  • Asset ownership: Mixed
  • Web link: Invest in Ajdovščina
  • Highlight the key benefits of a new product:

    We want to design the area limited by the river Hubelj, the expressway and the ring road as a market of tastes (with the vision of the HC rest area), where we would combine different contents, such as:

    - taste Market for local providers: sales and exhibition promotional space for local producers of food products,

    - joint processing plant for local dairy and dried meat products (Vipava prosciutto, nano cheese, Vipava cheese,

    - sales and exhibition space for local producers from other (non-food) industries - industry and crafts,

    - tourist attraction to increase the visibility of the Vipava Valley,

    - TIC point with the reception of the displaced hotel,

    - hotel rooms (motel),

    - conference hall for 150 people, equipped with all multimedia equipment with the possibility of subletting (conference tourism),

    - catering establishment of traditional Vipava dishes and drinks,

    - tasting room,

    - refrigerator for seasonal fruit and vegetables.

  • The intended method of investment:

    setting up a joint venture for a specific product

  • A description of the key ways to generate revenue:

    Sale of goods and services to end and business customers (restaurant, congress hall, hotel).

  • Market:


  • Current status of the project:

    The project is in the planning phase.

  • List the steps needed to complete the investment:

    Project phases:

    - prepares the concept - done,

    - analysis of stakeholder interest in cooperation,

    - preparation of construction documentation,

    - implementation of the project and establishment of a management model.

  • Estimated time of realization:

    1 year

  • Estimated completion time:


  • Key benefits for the investor:

    Product location (directly at the exit from the AC), high support of the local community in editing documentation, a rising tourist destination.

  • Project developer references (legal entities):

    The municipality of Ajdovščina is the most pervasive, innovative, and one of the fastest-growing municipalities in western Slovenia with a goal-oriented public administration.

  • Additional presentation material:


  • Tourism
  • Agriculture and rural development, forestry and bio-economy
  • Cultural & Creative Industries
  • Sports, Leisure activities


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