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Inter-municipal Business & Logistics Zone

Estimated cost: 10,000,000 EUR

Inter-municipal Business & Logistics Zone

The area is located in North-Eastern Slovenia, in the municipalities of Hajdina, Videm and Ptuj.
It lies at the intersections of the most important corridors: the 5th and 10th pan-European corridors, consisting of highway Slivnica - MMP Gruškovje (part of the Pyhrn highway), highway Ljubljana - Maribor - Šentilj (Pince), planned main-road Hajdina - Ormož, which connects to highway close to the zone and the Pragersko - Hodoš railway.

The area is approximately 95 hectares and, together with the already existing small economic zone Lancova vas in the municipality of Videm, in the size of 6 ha, the area is approximately 101 hectares.

- Municipality of Hajdina 21 ha
- Municipality of Ptuj 13 ha
- Municipality Videm 61 ha + 6 ha

  • Estimated cost: 10,000,000 EUR
  • Date added: 02.12.2019
  • Start date: 01.01.2021
  • Promoter: Mestna občina PTUJ
  • Main country: Slovenia
  • Main region: Drava region
  • Location: In the immediate vicinity of the oldest Slovenian town of Ptuj with its rich cultural heritage and excellent cuisine and fine wines.
  • Type of investment: Land
  • Project status: Planning
  • Asset ownership: Mixed
  • Size of land plot: 960000 m²
  • Dedicated use of space:

    The best farmland K1

  • Actual use of space:

    The best farmland K1

  • The land plot is:

    for sale

  • Land accessibility:

    Highway access is posible;

  • The benefits of land plot:

    - close proximity to the highway;

    - nearby Maribor Airport;

    - big size plane area;

    - geothermal energy potential;

  • Multimodal Nodes (ports, airports, stations, logistic platforms)
  • Industry for SMEs & Mid-Caps
  • New Technologies and Transport Greening
  • Research, development & Innovation
  • Trans European Network – Transport
  • Vehicles and Transport Systems

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