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AirPod - Your Privacy Capsule

Estimated cost: 20,000,000 EUR

AirPod - Your Privacy Capsule

Have you ever been stuck at the airport, waiting for your next flight with nothing to do and nowhere to hideaway? Over 400 million passengers in air transit per year are facing the same problems - lack of privacy, uncomfortable seats, and no place to relax. These problems are most obvious at the airports, but they also occur at many other places - train and bus stations, hospitals, fairs and venues, offices, business centres, shopping centres, universities, hotels, etc.

Today, air passengers do not have a private place to retreat and get a rest. They can either sit in uncomfortable chairs, book expensive lounges (still no complete privacy) or book a hotel room (which is inconvenient if the waiting time is less than 12 hours). Some of the airports are offering sleeping pods, but currently available products do not offer expanded functionality that would fit the needs of air passengers.

AirPod's vision is to provide people with a private place in the hectic crowded world. We are creating a product by implementing the advantages of high technology with a purpose to serve people and their well-being.

  • Estimated cost: 20,000,000 EUR
  • Date added: 11.09.2019
  • Start date: 01.09.2019
  • Promoter: RRA Podravje
  • Main country: Slovenia
  • Main region: Pomurje region
  • Location: Maribor, Slovenia.
  • Type of investment: New product
  • Project status: Construction started
  • Asset ownership: Private
  • Web link: AirPod website
  • Highlight the key benefits of a new product:

    The company has developed an AirPod Unit and finalising the prototype. Applications for various IP protections have been made. The company is going to produce and rent AirPod Units on various busiest locations like airports, train stations, … with a unique business model.

  • The amount of funds to invest or % of the total investment:

    or a share of the total investment: 10.00 %

  • Desired source of investment:

    private capital,

    private equity,

    investment founds,

    real estate investors,

  • The intended method of investment:

    entry into an existing company by recapitalizing the company
    another proposed form of investment method: other posibilitiess are available trough a negotiotions with the owner

  • A description of the key ways to generate revenue:

    Revenue is generated on the market.

  • Market:

    Global: airports, shopping malls, railway and bus stations, universities and faculties, etc.

    There are some competitive products on the market, but none of them offers functionality tailored to the user needs and demands the way AirPod Smart Napping Pod does.

  • EBITDA Anticipation

    Year Income EBIDTA
    2019 540,000.00 -1,419,800.00
    2020 10,800,000.00 -877,500.00
    2021 28,620,000.00 8,497,900.00
    2022 32,400,000.00 14,274,500.00
    2023 44,712,000.00 20,061,140.00
  • Key benefits for the investor:

    Key advantages:

    1) protected IP

    2) unique business model

    3) already signed contracts with some airports

  • Project developer references (legal entities):

    AirPod has been ranked in top 10 global innovation solutions for 2019 in the sector of air travelling and transports on one of the world’s largest airport exhibitions: The Airport Show in Dubai.

  • Tourism
  • Health
  • New Technologies and Transport Greening
  • Other Digital, including Content and Services
  • Trans European Network – Transport

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